Russia: corruption perceptions

There is a good chance there will be thousands of Russians who would like to get a residence permit in Hungary. Vladiszlav Inozemcev is a geopolitical strategist. He is critical of the Russian government.  He is very tough to Putin and his system, Inozemcev thinks that Putin is not a politician rather a businessman. The Russian army and economy is very outdated. It can not influence the other part of the world. You can make money in this country just with close connection to the Putin-people, but much money.

Zentuccio: Why was so important the very last piece to fight Russian corruption?

Vladiszlav Inozemcev: I believe that these days there is a real possibility for European governments to help the Russian society. Even after 2011 I would say the Russian society is week.  Mr. Putin started a huge fight on Russian corruption.  Moreover they want to somehow punish those government officials that have accounts in foreign countries. This is a unique opportunity for Russian activists to act inside Russia just using Mr. Putin’s new law.

Zentuccio: Do you think the new leaks about offshore accounts can one way or another have a kind of negative impact on the Russian politician leaders.

Vladiszlav Inozemcev: I hope. Mowcow bloggers and internet activists uncovered fifteen cases, Russian ministers, Russian deputies in Miami and in Europe. After that several people in the Parliament resigned.  Everything that was uncovered came from Russian activists who just looked through the archives of real estates in Florida. I’m sure Eastern counterparts have data on dual citizenships, residents and so on. It is a very good time to investigate more profoundly those people that enter Europe without visa.

Zentuccio: Have you heard Hungary provides data to Russia if Russians buy Hungarian government bonds for EUR 250,000? Do you think they would buy if they got a residence permit in Hungary?

Vladiszlav Inozemcev:  It is a good idea for Hungary as well because you should finance the debt. I haven’t heard about it but I think if you advertise that it should be popular in Russia.

Zentuccio:  Isn’t it something you’re trying to fight against?

Vladiszlav Inozemcev: If there is a Russian businessman who honestly got his money that is okay. It is just about the civil servants, the officials, the bureaucrats. They make around USD 6-7000/month. EUR 250,000 is the price of a middle sized apartment in Moscow. So anyone that inherited an apartment can sell it. What I am insisting is that you have to have this database open.  If it is open we can see who got this privilege.