Indeed, today even this can be a reality. However, it requires some creativity, a couple of modern gadgets – a smartphone, applications, a security camera, and a smart entry phone connected to a tablet – and a smartphone-controlled Tesla Model X.

If all of these are available and the technology works smoothly, then package delivery cannot be a problem, even if we are not at home when the mailman arrives.

The video below was uploaded a couple of days ago by a man – Aidan O’Bryne – on the popular video-sharing website.

First World Problems – how to be in for Amazon when you’re out

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers develop or already offer cloud-based open and lock functions via application to certain models. The Telsa owner who uploaded the video, however, did it on his own. He just ‘simply’ put together the technologies available. Quite smart!

The ‘lord’ of Tesla, Elon Musk was probably thankful for the free (?) advertising since his company has been continuously making losses for years, really needs everything to for survival.

Original date of Hungarian publication: 24 September 2018